Who is DJ

DJ is an insured Personal Trainer through Sports & Fitness Canada. He is also a NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. He also holds a BA and a thesis-based MA from the University of Alberta. Born and raised in Winnipeg – although travelled like a Gypsy for a period – I started weight training from a very early age. I played Rugby from the age of 15 and was a member of the U-17 Provincial Team. In 2003, I placed 2nd in the Welter Weight Division of the WNSO Muscle Mania Canada National Competition. Pursuing a Graduate Degree and travelling had me shift my focus from competitive sports to training for the pure interest and love of overcoming physical and psychological challenges. When I am not training clients or training myself I volunteer, avidly read on a range of subjects, travel and cycle.

I thoroughly enjoy using fitness and exercise to help others reach their life style and performance goals. My focus, motivation and dedication fuels my own training, and now, I empower my clients with the same skills

Fitness has been a personal passion of mine for more than 25 years. I’m passionate about helping my clients and my approach to personal training is to look at each person as unique and to care for their physical and mental health. I enjoying helping my clients push their limits, and showing them what they really are capable of! Physical fitness is just one component of the self that must be looked at in order to ensure that the whole person is able change their life. I seek to empower my clients and show them that training can improve all aspects of their life! Please see my testimonials to see and read about some of my client’s results.

What you should expect from a training session with me

All Program Design is based on the findings in your initial Assessment. The Assessment is focused on identifying your starting point and is very thorough.

You should expect your training sessions to be challenging yet adapted to your specific needs and current health status. If you are a 1-on-1 client, or train with more people, the programming will be designed so that I can give you the most attention possible to ensure that you have a rewarding experience.

Who are DJ’s Clients ?

My clients are successful in reaching their goals. Even though I designed their programs, monitored their progress and made changes accordingly, it is ultimately their own determination, resilience, focus and will power that have brought them success.

My first priority is that you successfully reach your goals in the safest most effective way possible. If you have the characteristics below, you are ready to start training.

A person that wants to change NOW.

 Regardless of what your goal is it will require some level of change.

If there is any doubt that NOW is the time, then it is not the time. You must be 100% committed to changing and accept the forthcoming process.

A person that is accountable.

If it is always someone else’s fault for you not getting the results you want or being where you want to be, then it will be difficult. I design and guide you through the process, it is up to you meet the challenges and put in the work.

A person that is seriously motivated and focused on developing and reach goals.

Although we will train together an hour a day, you must focus on your goals for 24 hours a day through pursing: proper rest and sleep; good nutrition; hydration; and, stretching.

A person that understands their level of fitness is MORE than a number on the scale.

Fitness is a multifaceted concept which includes: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and body composition (which is different than the number on the scale). The changing number on the scale can mean little if in terms of health and fitness.

Why I Do It

Because I love it.

What is “it” exactly? It’s Empowerment through showing you that what you want to achieve is always within your reach through YOUR OWN abilities.

It’s the look in my client’s eye when they realize THEY have done something they thought was impossible. I can absolutely guarantee there is nothing better than that. It gets me up early and keeps me up late. I have always love being dedicated to a cause. In this instance, the cause is that of each of my clients.

What We Do

Weight Loss & Weight Management - Strength & Conditioning -Lifestyle Management

There are no templates and there is no system. With every client, I start from scratch. Not 1 minute of training happens until a scientifically backed program has been designed and developed to meet YOUR goals. Please see the my services page for more details!