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October 21, 2014


March 29, 2015

My name is Russ Sampson and I have been training with DJ since September 2014. I am training to compete in my first natural bodybuilding competition in 2016. My biggest obstacle in starting with a Personal Trainer was fear. Prior to starting with DJ, I was reasonably healthy but out of shape.


Since I have started with DJ, I have lost 29 lbs , my body composition has changed immensely. My body fat was tested on 21 March 2015 and I am 11.1% body fat and weigh 198.4lbs. My strength has more than doubled in almost all categories and there are a couple that have improved more than that.


What I like most about training with DJ, is his openness, honesty and clear explanation of what he expects from you. The other benefits of training with him are is that the training is 1-on-1; his vast knowledge; and, he is a great motivator.


Would I recommend DJ as Personal Trainer? Yes I would and for all of the reasons I have listed above. Also just a good all around person!


Russ Sampson, age 55




My name is Lisa and I started training with DJ in September 2014.


My biggest obstacle in getting a Personal Trainer was my own stubbornness and the mindset that “I can do this on my own and that I don’t ‘need’ help”.


Prior to starting, I was always exhausted-physically and mentally. Although I was a weekend warrior and convinced myself that I exercised more than enough, my soft body and aversion to looking in the mirror proved otherwise.


Since starting personal training with DJ, I am physically “ less soft”; I have built a strong set of legs that can kick some serious ass; and, fitting I am now fitting into clothing 3 sizes smaller. What I like most about training with DJ is that I am never bored – we never do the same thing over and over again.

The other benefits of training with DJ are:


1) He is an encyclopaedia of knowledge. From anatomy to nutrition. In the unlikely event that he doesn’t know the answer to something, he will find out;


2) He has a keen sense of perception. Without having to say anything, he just knows when to push you that extra bit or to dial your workout back; and,


3) He is genuinely enthusiastic about helping you reach your goals. Your goals are not just your goals, they are his as well. He is always about how “we” can reach “our” goals. He will be beside you all the way so you never feel you are doing this on your own.


I would recommend personal training with DJ to anyone, regardless of your age or where your current fitness level is. There is never a moment when he makes you feel uncomfortable or will let your believe you will fail at reaching your goals. His professionalism and positive, encouraging attitude makes you want to put in the effort and get results.


Lisa V., Age 43 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

My name is Dave and I started off my life change just over 7 months ago at a weight of just over 450 lbs. Although my journey has just begun, I am happy to say I’m done just over 80 lbs and owe it to DJ for his constant support and encouragement through this process.


Prior to training with DJ, I had always thought of personal trainers as a waste of money but I am very glad to say DJ quickly changed my opinion. After meeting with DJ and getting him to be my personal trainer, things changed for the best.


I always wanted to change how I lived but only failing each time I tried. Then one day I entered a weight loss competition and was introduced to DJ and everything changed.

DJ has hands-on approach to training and I appreciate his constant attention to the details by watching me closely during each exercise.  As a result, I learned the proper technique for each on exercise so do them safely when I train alone. DJ also takes the time to explain which muscles are being targeted in each exercise and how to get the best results from the exercise.


I’m happy to say that now, after training with DJ, I have made great changes to my body composition, strength, conditioning, recovery time when exercising and have dramatically increased my cardiovascular ability.


The things that I like best about working with DJ are the customized workout program he designs for you and also the diet plans he continues to modify throughout your transformation.


I plan to continue to work with DJ and I would recommend to anybody in the same situation as me or even just those wanting to make some changes in their life to get in touch with DJ and hire him as your trainer I guarantee if you follow the plans DJ sets out for you, you will see change because with DJ: everything is customized to the individual and their abilities.


Thank You David B. (Age 43) – Winnipeg, Manitoba

DJ, I want to thank you for your positive inspiration and motivation that has kept me going, even when I couldn’t be at the gym in person!


From my perspective you really are a most effective Trainer, and it obviously showed in the results! I know that even though my work schedule was crazy through November and I was not able to come to the sessions at the gym, I was still able to keep “on track” because of DJ’s hints, emails and positive motivation.


I was very happy with my final result of losing 10.39% of my body weight during our 12 weeks together. Thanks to DJ’s influence in allowing me to believe in being fit again, I am motivated to continue down this path.


It is obvious that you genuinely care about what you are doing, and I wish you success as you embark on this opportunity to become a full-time Personal Trainer. We will continue to pass on your name and contact info to friends who are looking for a personal trainer! And look you up again ourselves if we find ourselves back at a gym in the city!


I am very happy with my own success, and I intend to keep it going!


Rhonda McDougal, “over 50” – Winnipeg, Manitoba

I have been training with DJ Guzda for the past 7 months.

With DJ’s extensive knowledge and experience, he has taught me how to lose weight and increase my physical well-being through good nutrition and exercise. He sets attainable goals and at the same time continues to challenge me. Considering I was very intimidated with the prospect of working with a personal trainer, it didn’t take long for DJ to instill the confidence and self-esteem I needed for success. It has been very exciting to feel the increase in my strength, flexibility and energy level.

DJ provides very attentive and safe programming with clear instructions to lead me into productive, independent workouts. We quickly established a trusting and comfortable relationship to discuss any questions or concerns.   DJ creates motivation within you to do more than you would think physically possible through positive and encouraging support.

When I met DJ I was 232 lbs.

I have lost 75 lbs. and gone from a size 18 jean to size 6.  We have fun and I feel fantastic!  DJ always has a smile to greet you and is ready to get to work!  I recommend DJ to everyone looking for a trainer to help provide a foundation for a healthier lifestyle!

-Karen H, Age 56 – Winnipeg, Manitoba